Experimente in bucatarie

Pana acum 5 ani refuzam orice noutate in bucatarie. Imi placea sa stau in zona mea de confort si sa gatesc doar alimente cunoscute, locale si cat mai simple. Trebuie sa recunosc ca, pentru mine, Instagram a devenit o reala sursa de inspiratie cand vine vorba de mancare. Nu numai ca am reusit sa imi…

Easy chocolate granola/ Granola cu ciocolata

I LOVE CHOCOLATE! And as much I love to buy chocolate crunchy granola, unfortunately it has too much sugar and fat and I am not happy with the label on most of the brands out there. So I decided to put my food down and try it on my own.

Simple toast ideas

This is going to be one short post. I want to show you how simple it is to make a healthy breakfast/brunch/snack/dinner. And if you’re a bread lover, like me, this is the post for you

Smoothie cremos

Cand vine vorba de sucurile de dimineata, imi place sa incerc cat mai multe variante. Imi place sa merg la cumparaturi si sa aleg fructele, legumele si ingredientele de baza (lapte de cocos, de migdale, de orez si ultima mea placere: combinatia de cocos si migdale) si niciodata nu imi lipsesc din cos: afinele (sau…

GreenBerry Smoothie

In ultimul timp, diminetile mele incep cu un smoothie. Recunosc ca de cele mai multe ori, optez pentru cea mai simpla varianta: 1-2 fructe, o baza si eventual ceva seminte. Cand am vazut ca cei de la Vegis au lansat concursul #mytastysmoothie, am stiut ca trebuie sa imi inscriu si eu creatia.

Oat cups/ Cosulete cu ovaz

There are a few ingredients that you’ll always find in my pantry and a bag is oats is one of them. I usually panick when I run low on oats. Today, I’m gonna share a recipe that you’ll want to do immediately. If you don’t have oats, go buy some! You won’t regret it!

Coconutty breakfast/Mic dejun cu cocos

When it comes to food subjects, breakfast is my favourite topic (after chocolate of course). I’m that annoying person who keeps telling everyone that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you can imagine the looks I get when I suggest waking up earlier in order to prepare it. 

Tropical smoothie

When I first started reading about a healthier lifestyle, the first thing I bought was a blender. I was so amazed by all the smoothie recipes saw online that I wanted that for myself. Almost 6 years later and I’m still using it. I can’t say that I was eating bad foods 6 years ago,…

Breakfast smoothie bowls

Well, I’ve always said that you can’t leave the house without eating something. Sometimes you’re on the run and don’t have time to prepare and top all the smoothie bowls, but here’s some inspiration for the sunny weekend days!

Healthy breakfast ideas/ Idei pentru mic dejun

Let me tell you this: breakfast is the most important meal of your day. I guess you hear that a lot and this subject may seem a little boring, but you need to understand that this is really important for your body to function properly.