How to choose chocolate

I decided to come up with an article regarding chocolate. Why?! Simply because I think that chocolate should not be EXCLUDED from a healthy lifestyle and people should know how to choose the right type. Don’t think I am going to talk about dark chocolate and how much of a cacao percentage it should have…

Natural Peanut Butter/ Unt de arahide natural

Let me tell you this: I was not a fan of peanut butter…until I’ve tried this recipe. I was always asking myself why people were so obsessed with peanut butter even though I knew it is a good source of protein and healthy fats. 

Vegan apple muffins/Briose vegane cu mar

I usually don’t like to start my posts with a negative touch, but did you know that I used to dislike cinnamon? When Christmas was around the corner and every little shop was selling something based on cinnamon I used to roll my eyes and never understood why people love cinnamon so much.

Blueberry empanadas

I know I wrote a spanish word and it sounds fancy, but believe me, this is one easy recipe.

Oat cups/ Cosulete cu ovaz

There are a few ingredients that you’ll always find in my pantry and a bag is oats is one of them. I usually panick when I run low on oats. Today, I’m gonna share a recipe that you’ll want to do immediately. If you don’t have oats, go buy some! You won’t regret it!

Bliss balls/Bomboane raw vegane

When we crave something sweet, we usually think about chocolate, cookies, cakes and so on. We never say we’re gonna eat an apple or something healthy. 

Blueberry banana bread/Chec cu banane si afine

It’s not a secret anymore that I don’t like baking. I love eating, but dislike the whole process of making a mess in the kitchen, spilling flour on the floor and washing all the dishes, cutlery, bowls, cups and so on. Despite this, once in a while, I bake. I always try to find easy…

Coconut flour brownie/Negresa cu faina de cocos

Now that I’ve talked about coconut flour, I need to show you another delicious recipe. I know we all try to add bananas and honey/agave in order to make the sweets sweeter, but nothing compares to chocolate, right? 

Vegan Halloween Muffins/Briose vegane de Halloween

Yes, it’s Halloween and no, I’m not searching for a costume, I’m currently enjoying these delicious owl vegan muffins and watching my favourite TV show.The recipe is very easy and I’m gonna show you all the steps and ingredients for these muffins.

Raw-vegan mango-turmeric cheesecake/Cheesecake cu mango şi turmeric

Ok, so cheesecake is one of my favourite desserts. Even if the classic one with berries is clearly in top 3, I realize that sometimes I have to make changes. One of my favourite things to do before falling asleep is browsing the internet, searching for interesting, delicious and easy recipes. One night, I found…